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Larchmont Lemonade

When Royce was unsatisfied with her allowance, she didn't just sit around, she decided to go into business. When fortune-telling failed, she rebranded with a back to basics lemonade stand, and Larchmont Lemonade was born! At first, she and her little brother had to be in Mom's eyeline, but Royce knew the traffic was over on Larchmont Blvd and she made the bold decision to go mobile. She and her brother started rolling their cart up and down Larchmont selling their refreshing lemonade. Her brother wouldn't wear a sandwich board, but he would wear a t-shirt and yell "Larchmont Lemonade!" to grab the attention of passer-by. There have been imitators, but this remains LA's only mobile lemonade stand. They even caught Marcus Lemonis' attention when he helped Royce get her numbers in order on CNBC's the Profit. He was so impressed, he helped her get a licensing deal on these very t-shirts. Royce says, "I'm excited to see my business grow and change as I get older and for a lifetime of entrepreneurship!


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